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Rollers Recovery and Servicing

​We recover and repair all types of rollers. The list below, although not exhaustive, is indicative of the rollers we regularly service. If the roller you require is not listed below or you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our technical department.

​Adhesive application Rollers | Adhesive pressure Rollers | Bandsaw rollers | Calender rollers | Caustic Rollers | Coating Rollers | Colour application Rollers | Colour lift Rollers | Couch Rollers | Contact rollers ( grooved, spiral, or smooth) | Conveyor Rollers | Clearing Rollers | Drive and Brake Rollers | Draw-in Rollers and Wheels | Dressing rollers | Embossing mating Rollers | Friction Rollers | Guide rollers and wheels | Immersion Rollers | Letterpress Rollers | Laminating Rollers | Laser-engraved flexoprint Rollers | Metering Rollers | Mouldings | Nip Rollers and Wheels | Paint application Rollers | Press Rollers | Pressure Rollers | Polyurethane Rollers | Reducer Rollers | Sandwich Rollers | Silicone Non-stick Rollers | Table Rollers | Teflon® Rollers | Take-up Rollers | Varnishing Rollers | Wet Rollers

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Roller Coatings

Our continued research and development has allowed us to offer our clients the most technologically advanced range of coatings available, increasing efficiency, reducing costs thus giving our clients a competitive edge. Key to the substantial spectrum of coatings we offer, is our exclusive agency with Impreglon Surface Technology Group. Impreglon has 30 years experience in coating technology and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Summary of coating provided below.

Abrasion Resistant | Aluminum & Zinc Coatings | Anti Graffiti / Anti Grime Coating | Anti Microbial Coatings | Bead Blasting | Corrosion Resistant | Dry Lubrication Coatings | ECTFE Coating | FEP Coating | Greblon Coating | Halar Coating | Hardness Coatings | Low Friction & Sliding Coatings | MagnaCoat | Non Stick Coatings | Optical Coatings | PFA Coatings | PlasmaCoat | Polyurethane Coatings | Powder Coatings | PTFE Coatings | SafeCoat 600 Series | Teflon Coating | TempCoat | Thermal Spray Coatings | Traction Coatings | Xylan Coating

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Rubber and Polyurethane Roller Recovering

Our in-house roller recovery department services all types of rollers. We carry a huge stock of rubber and Polyurethane, allowing us to deliver orders fast without the need to wait for materials to be imported. Summary of products offered below.

Anti-Static | Ebonite | EDPM | EDPM Silicone Blends | Hypalon | Hypalon Blends | Natural Rubber | Neoprene | Nitrile | Nitrile PVC | Silicone | Thermal Plastic Urethane


  • For all Print machines.
  • Highly polished or matt chromed.
  • Damper rollers, transfer/control rollers also on impression, blanket and plate cylinders machine parts.

Ceramic Coated Rollers

  • Good hydrophilic properties for attracting and controlling damp solution.
  • Ceramic rollers can be abrasion resistance.


  • We use the three most popular processes for cleaning anilox rollers.
  • Chemical Cleaning – Bicarbonate Soda Blasting – Sandblasting – Ultrasonic.
  • Used as an alternative to copper rollers. However, if required rollers We will use whichever process will give your rollers the best finish.

Rislan Coated Roller

  • Used as an alternative to copper rollers. However, if required rollers can also be covered in copper.
  • Rilsan® can be used as a highly effective corrosion barrier on rollers shafts and components used in water and sewage treatment. On print rollers the benefits are numerous including high level of wear, maximum ink retention and long life.
  • Faster turnaround time for Rilsan®.