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Surface Coatings

We are the technical sales agents in the Republic of Ireland for Impreglon industrial coatings www.impreglon.co.uk and www.impreglon.net

Impreglon have a large range of coating solutions (approx. 400) that may involve a combination of polymers, ceramic or metal coatings. PTFE (Teflon, also known as Xylan), for instance, is a popular coating, this is the best known of a range of polymers which offer different properties for different applications.

We are also the agents for Armoloy and Holscot in Ireland.

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The different coatings offer a choice of properties including:

Non-stick, easy release
Low friction, easy slide
High traction
Durability and wear resistance, Anti-abrasion

These coatings have a huge range of applications across almost all industries:

  • Food Processing
  • Chemical
  • Plastics
  • Film
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Converting
  • Medical
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Non-woven Materials
  • Aerospace

Among the benefits provided by the coatings:

  • Prevention of materials from clogging in machinery
  • Faster flow of materials through processing systems
  • Longer intervals between maintenance downtimes
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Reduced wear and friction of moving parts
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Improved release characteristics on moulds and dies
  • Reduced maintenance and machinery replacement costs
  • Smoother, faster and quieter running equipment


Heat Shrinkable Sleeving in FEP and PFA

FEP and PFA have the ability that, once expanded under temperature, they will try to retrieve their original condition when subjected to similar temperatures. Using this ability, Holscot created a range of heat shrinkable sleeves in both materials which encompass a wide diversity of sizes. Although primarily used to provide non-stick surfaces to rollers, bars and rods, the inertness of these Fluoropolymers can be advantageous in protecting chemical equipment such as agitator shafts, spargers and dip pipes. Heat Shrinkable FEP is also used as a protective sleeve for lamps.

FEP and PFA sleeves for rollers in the Paper Industry

The Paper Industry was one of the first to recognise the potential presented by the Non Stick surface provided by Teflon ® sleeves. The build-up of sticky substances such as size and additives caused paper breaks, inferior quality and roller deterioration so the advent of a treatment which eliminated this build up was eagerly adopted.
Sleeves are used on, amongst others,

• Bowed Rollers
• Couch Rollers
• Lead Rollers

These are often located around the Size Press of the Paper Machine but it can be anywhere where the accumulation of contamination causes difficulty

FEP and PFA sleeves for rollers for Printing and Converting

Contamination by inks, accumulation of adhesives and coatings as well as deterioration of roller substrates are problems which beset rollers in the Printing Industry so a Teflon® Sleeve represents the ideal solution. For the most part FEP sleeves are applied to rollers of any substrate including metal, rubber and even composites.

Extrusion/Lamination Rollers

One of the most common applications where Teflon® Sleeves are particularly indispensable is for Nip Rollers in Extrusion/Lamination processes producing flexible packagings such as liquid packs or bubble wrap. The rubber roller is subjected to extreme pressure and temperature so PFA is the material of choice.